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Tailor made Products
We design and manufacture Power Electronics equipment including communications that satisfy client needs.
We can adapt to different regulations depending on the type of industry: railway, aviation, industrial, renewable energies...
These following projects have already been developed and on service:
Traction converter for historic tram (1913) in Soller (Mallorca - Spain):
  • Maintaining the historical appearance of the tram, a traction chopper has been integrated to feed the existing motors

  • The trams were modified for multiple driving
Auxiliary inverters for trains in different parts of the world:
  • 28kVA 750Vdc/400Vac

  • 50kVA 750Vdc/400Vac

  • 45kVA 750Vdc/400Vac

  • 31kVA 600Vdc/230Vac
Battery chargers for trains in different parts of the world:
  • 400Vac/24Vdc

  • 400Vac/72Vdc

  • 400Vac/110Vdc
Modification of old equipment based on thyristors (SCRs) or GTOs technologies to be transformed to IGBTs technology
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